The Company

                                      PLANETA VIVO - COMÉRCIO, PRODUÇÃO E SERVIÇOS, LDA. 

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Anabela e Sofia
The founders

Anabela (vegan) is a Sociologist.

Sofia (vegetarian) is a Legal professional. 

Both are consumers of organic foods for a long time ago.

Our story

In 2016 we met in the scope of an IT Project. Soon we realized we shared a common interest: experiences with vegan foods.

Also, we both shared a great appreciation of our foods by family, friends and colleagues. In fact, family, fellow friends were, and continue to be our truthful test group ...

Together we felt stronger and more confident, it was time to take a further step... We started by setting up stalls in traditional markets and fairs. After that, we participated in coding boot camps. 

The acceptance by the general public was great and the criticisms from juries and professionals in the sector were positive. We were surprised as people paid for our foods!

In 2018 we participated in the November edition of Lisbon Veggie World and later sponsored by the 1st BioRegion of Portugal (Idanha-a-Nova) bvegan foods were exhibited at BIOFACH NÜRENBERG (2019 and 2020) and IBERIA FOOD ORGANIC MADRID (2019).

By the end of the year 2018, the bvegan trademark was registered and in May 2019 the company PLANETA VIVO was founded.

Of course, we aim to succeed as entrepreneurs, but it is also very important for us to contribute to a happier planet. 

Harmony, well-being, tolerance, love and respect for all living beings are our life values.

We truly believe that it was written in the stars we should get together at some point in our lives and we are both very happy and grateful that this has happened.

Planeta Vivo is a company from the 1st BioRegion Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal and has its origin to produce and sell organic and vegan cookies, crackers, cheezes and butter of the bvegan brand. 

The market-oriented mission of PLANETA VIVO is to supplying organic and vegan products to retailers and the HoReCa channel. 

All bvegan brand food products are PT-BIO-03 certified.

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